Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a complex injury with a broad spectrum of symptoms and disabilities and can produce a lifelong neurologic and psychiatric deficit.

Crystal River MRI offers Advanced MRI Studies of the Brain that often reveal injury that is not present on standard Brain MRI Studies. We provide a complete advanced brain diagnostic protocol for TBI.

SWI, DTI and NeuroQuant are Advanced MRI studies that help with the diagnosis of Traumatic Brain Injury. If a patient shows clinical symptoms of TBI, these studies should be considered.

SWI provides the ability to clearly delineate small vessels and microbleeds after any sort of hemorrhagic or traumatic event.

DTI is a quantitative measurement that helps estimate the amount of damage to various nerve fibers within the brains white matter. Injured areas will diffuse more than normal.

NeuroQuant is a quantitative measurement of Brain Atrophy that measures volumetric changes of certain brain structures. These findings are then compared to corresponding normal values of patients the same age, gender, and cranial volume.

These studies are interpreted by a board-certified radiologist who has many years of experience with reading these advanced brain diagnostic exams.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Crystal River MRI offers the latest in TBI diagnostic imaging.

Our Advanced TBI Protocol consists of theses advanced MRI Brain Imaging techniques:  

SWI, DTI and NeuroQuant 

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