High-Field Open MRI

High Field Open MRI Crystal River MRI is pleased to offer the latest in 1.5 Tesla High-Field OPEN MRI Technology in Citrus County.

This system truly changes the definition of Open MRI. Traditional Open MRI systems have a tesla strength between .2 and 1.0. Open MRI units that fall within this range produce a low-resolution image.

An image from a Traditional Open MRI is more like a polaroid picture while a High-Field Open MRI is more like a digital image. The difference can be drastic and could compromise a confident clinical diagnosis.

Our system accommodates patients of all sizes. The inner diameter gives more than one foot of headroom for head and neck exams. The scanners short design enables most exams to be done feet first with the patients head outside of the machine. The 550 lb. weight limit and the high power delivers high quality images for a confident diagnosis.

In addition, the fast exam times reduce anxiety for claustrophobic patients. Exams times average between 15-30 minutes.

This system offers a wide array of advanced applications that escalates image quality and acquisition speed to a whole new level.



Patient Comfort

At Crystal River MRI, we strive to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Our technologist is in constant communication with the patient throughout the exam.

We provide headphones that streams your choice of music. To help take your mind off the exam, we offer pillows, blankets, and sleep masks when applicable.

In addition, we welcome a friend or family member into the exam room to give you a greater piece of mind. They would have to be cleared medically safe prior to entering room.

The New Definition of Open MRI
Quality, Accuracy and Comfort

  • The OPEN designs accommodate patients up to 550lbs
  • Fast exam times for Anxious or Claustrophobic patients
  • High Power delivers High Quality Images for a confident diagnosis
  • 60% of exams are done with patients Head Outside of the machine
  • Over One Foot of spacious headroom for head and neck exams
  • Nearly ALL exams are done Feet First

High-Field Open MRI

Our 1.5 Tesla High-Field OPEN MRI system is the New Definition of OPEN MRI.

The advanced technology allows for Faster, More Efficient exams and the 1.5 Tesla strength delivers High Quality Images for a Confident Diagnosis

Our Commitment

  • Same Day Scheduling/ Appointments

  • STAT Reads in 2-4 Hours

  • Online Image / Report Viewing

  • Friendly & Helpful Staff

  • ACR Accredited Equipment

  • Certified Technologists

  • Complimentary Records Delivery to Physicians